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Do you have a real estate purchase project? LogerChic allows you to choose from a multitude of houses or land available to you to meet your real estate purchase project. Whether it is a purchase to invest or to live there, LogerChic supports you.


What are the acquisition costs? What is my repayment capacity? What are the existing financing formulas or types of loans? What to take into account in my overall budget? So many things to know to buy with confidence!
  • Define my budget
    What are the acquisition costs? What is my repayment capacity? What are the financing formulas or the types of existing loans? What to take into account in my overall budget? How to put together my loan file? ... So many things to know to buy with confidence!

  • Define my project
    Why become an owner? What type to choose well? With or without work? What will be the most advantageous status for me? ... You will find in this file all the answers to help you set up your real estate project.

  • Find my property
    Take the time to look for your property, know the means available to find your accommodation, choose a real estate agency, visit the property and learn about the surroundings ... What do you need to know to choose the right dream house?

  • Finalize my purchase
    To finalize the purchase of a home, it is important to have all the elements in hand (information on the property, diagnoses, charges, minutes of the general meeting of the co-ownership, etc.), and to know all the stages of the purchase (before contract, down payment, conditions precedent, notary, etc.).

Why buy your property with LogerChic?

Buying land, a house, whether it is your main or secondary home or even a rental investment, is an involving act that requires time, attention and real knowledge. It is a significant investment. It is also a new life which begins. LogerChic is at your side, before, during and after your acquisition. For each LogerChic professional, this is an opportunity to guide you through the realization of this new life project by offering you the best service ever offered by any other real estate organization.


A significant time saving
Because it will be yours, the good you are looking for is unlike any other. In order to offer you the real estate solution that best meets your needs and aspirations, your LogerChic advisor takes the time to get to know you well: professional and family situation, long-term projects, children's education, etc., all the parameters are carefully studied in order to allow you to limit unnecessary visits to inappropriate goods: a time saver that is greatly appreciated by customers!
A very wide choice
By its notoriety, by its size, by the workforce of its partners and by the number of mandates entrusted to it, the LogerChic Network assures you a very wide choice of real estate likely to suit you. It is the pledge of a good decision.
The certainty of a fair price
LogerChic professionals have an estimation method: Comparative Market Analysis. This method used by the LogerChic advisor for his selling client reassures him of a realistic and reliable selling price.
In-depth local knowledge
Beyond your good, your environment is also a fundamental element of your well-being. This is why your research is considered as a whole. Established, rooted in a specific geographic area, the Agencies and Partners of the LogerChic Network have in-depth knowledge of their geographic areas of establishment from which they provide you with: the real estate market, of course, but also, educational and sports facilities, infrastructures, proximity and services. Knowledge of the local market Anchored by a long history in the sector.
Quality under permanent control
To measure customer satisfaction, LogerChic regularly surveys customers who have purchased, rented or sold a property. In addition, in order to maintain a high level of standards, the Customer Relations Department manages waves of calls and mystery emails throughout the LogerChic network.
Solidarity and the power of a national network
Thanks to a system of recommendations and partnership contracts created by LogerChic, you benefit from the power and solidarity of a genuine national network comprising more than 2,500 Agencies and Firms in Benin. Entrusted to LogerChic, your sale offer can be made known to anyone wishing to buy real estate, whether they are looking for it in Benin or anywhere in the world.