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Property sale


Everything has been redesigned. The sales journey is simplified to sell faster.


By adopting reduced prices, we get more for you.


Multi-posting of your property on the best real estate advertising sites.


We manage all the stages of a real estate sale by optimizing each of them with our expertise. Each step has its importance and deserves special attention. The precision of our interventions allows us to be efficient.
The valuation of the property is the first step in a process that will take several months. It is essential not to neglect it. Its outcome very often determines the length of time that elapses between the sale of your property and the signing of the sales agreement. Over-valued real estate takes longer to sell than those valued at a value closer to the market. Our real estate advisers will know how to guide you judiciously in setting the presentation price. Our method, the Comparative Market Analysis, makes it possible to carry out a precise real estate estimate and to rigorously fix your sale or rental price on the basis of indisputable elements: the characteristics of your property and the local market prices, observed each day, in our agencies.
The goal to be achieved is simple and unambiguous: to enhance your building, your house, your apartment or your land so that you can sell it at the best price and as soon as possible. We have a wide range of tools that our real estate advisers will offer you to put in place according to their degree of relevance. From taking professional-quality photographs to carrying out 360-degree virtual tours, LOGERCHIC will be able to highlight the specifications of your property to potential buyers.
A sales mandate is neither more nor less than a bilateral contract by which you grant the real estate agency of your choice the right to sell your property. While the choice of the simple mandate allows you to offer your property to several real estate agencies, the choice of the exclusive mandate is often more relevant. Indeed, the fact of entrusting your property exclusively to an agency allows you to benefit free of charge from very effective premium services to facilitate and accelerate real estate transactions: preparation and multi-distribution of the ad on the best real estate ad sites in order to to target potential buyers, reconciliation of our acquirers file.
Once your property is put up for sale, the means of communication that we deploy facilitate the generation of contacts between French and foreign buyers. These contacts lead to interviews (telephone or email) aimed at determining the scope of the potential buyer’s interest in your property. Once the interest is validated, we plan and carry out the property visits with the greatest care. To keep you informed of the progress of operations, you can access the visit reports from our website. Your real estate advisor will also offer you periodic reports in order to take stock of the situation of your property.
Following the organized visits, the interest of a potential buyer will be crystallized in a purchase offer which will be notified to you. In most cases, this offer will open the door to negotiations usually on the price. The decision to accept or reject the offer submitted by the buyer will be up to you.
Once the purchase offer has been accepted, it is now time to enter into a contract in order to formalize the respective commitments of the two parties. This will take place at the notary. He will draft a sales agreement committing the seller and the buyer to, respectively, sell and buy the property in question under the agreed conditions. Upstream, it will be essential to gather a certain number of mandatory documents in order to constitute a sales file.
That's it, we are there! After several months of waiting, the sale of your property is now official.

The advantages of selling real estate with LogerChic

We use the best tools on the market to be able to sell your property under the right conditions
The best price for your property
LOGERCHIC has developed a rigorous real estate valuation method based on precise knowledge of the local real estate market, the Comparative Market Analysis. Estimated at the best and fair price, your property thus finds a buyer within the set deadlines. This method is exclusive to LOGERCHIC Professionals. Do not hesitate any longer, ask for your free estimate. Your house or apartment will be estimated at the best price.
A written guarantee
LOGERCHIC has created the Guarantee of Action which, associated with the Trust Mandate, specifies point by point and in writing, the actions that your Real Estate Advisor undertakes to carry out in the context of the sale of your property. This guarantee gives you a real right of withdrawal in the event of a breach of one of these obligations: the guarantee of efficient and controlled work.
Sale on time
A sale price carefully fixed with the LOGERCHIC Professional, together with an effective promotion of your property, allow you to complete the sale within the desired time frame. The average sale time for real estate at LOGERCHIC is currently 93 days.
Quality under permanent control
To measure the satisfaction of its customers, LOGERCHIC regularly surveys customers who have purchased, rented or sold a property. In addition, in order to maintain a high level of standards, the Customer Relations Department manages waves of calls and mystery emails throughout the LOGERCHIC network.
Effective and innovative promotion
Exterior signs affixed to your property, press inserts, displays in the Agency's window, website, "Free Visit" days ..., LOGERCHIC designs and implements a large number of communication actions intended to facilitate promotion and the sale of your property. A real direct marketing of proximity at your disposal.
The 1st network of real estate agencies in Benin
Thanks to its system of recommendations and partnership contract created by LOGERCHIC, you benefit from the power and solidarity of a genuine national network comprising more than 1,000 Agencies and Firms in Benin. Entrusted to LOGERCHIC, your rental offer can be made known to anyone wishing to rent accommodation, whether they are searching in Benin or anywhere in the world.
Exclusive privileges
LogerChic has entered into special partnership agreements with various service providers.
A 24-hour seller extranet
Be informed 24/7 of all actions taken in connection with the sale of your property. Obtain the comments of the visits in complete transparency. It is the LOGERCHIC extranet available to each owner who has entrusted a sales mandate to an agency of the Network.