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Looking for a place to live or a professional place? LogerChic offers you the choice of many properties to rent: apartments or houses. Our real estate partners have been carefully selected on the quality of the properties they offer in order to best meet your needs.

Why look for your accommodation with the help of LogerChic?

Because it will become yours, the accommodation you want to rent is unlike any other. Needs, aspirations, income, professional and family situation. These parameters are carefully studied and which will allow the LogerChic Advisor to offer you a selection of available goods and a range of personalized services for a quick solution adapted to your request.
Clear and defined rental services
As a tenant, you benefit from rental services (entry, departure, etc.) defined and carried out point by point. We have competent teams to help you with your moves and to facilitate the installation in your new premises. For LogerChic professionals, respecting commitments is not an empty word.
Your rental partner at all times
Drafting of contracts guaranteeing the interests of each of the parties, full information on your reciprocal rights and commitments, regular technical monitoring of the leased property, your LogerChic Advisor remains at your disposal at all times.
The "fair price" in terms of rent
LogerChic uses a rigorous estimation method: the Comparative Market Analysis. Based on precise knowledge of the local real estate market which. allows you to define the right amount of rent for the goods entrusted to it and offered to you.
Regularly monitored quality of service
Our satisfaction surveys allow you to measure your level of satisfaction and to draw lessons for progress. To measure customer satisfaction, LogerChic regularly surveys customers who have purchased, rented or sold a property. In addition, in order to maintain a high level of standards, the Customer Relations Department manages waves of calls and mystery emails throughout the LogerChic network.
Privileges negotiated exclusively for you, tenants
The LogerChic Network has entered into special partnership agreements with various technical and administrative service providers.

Put all the chances on your side

Our advices

LogerChic supports you in finding your real estate rental with our rental advice section where you will find advice such as: documents for a rental, student accommodation at the last minute, choosing your home insurance ...

Checklists before renting an apartment

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