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Rental management

Have your accommodation managed by our professionals

Simplify your daily life of owner-lessor
and benefit from your investment

Thanks to new technologies, we rent your accommodation 3 times faster than a traditional agency. More than a thousand owners are satisfied with our innovative, responsive and affordable rental management.
Thanks to new technologies, we rent your accommodation 3 times faster than a traditional agency. More than a thousand owners are satisfied with our innovative, responsive and affordable rental management.
Letting and rental management of one or more properties requires time and investment. Entrusting these missions to a real estate professional allows the landlord to gain peace of mind and security. By entering one of our agencies, you are guaranteed to find a team that will be able to provide you with advice and support in legal, financial and accounting matters. Authorized property manager, LogerChic offers you the possibility of benefiting from a range of services covering all the stages and operations relating to the management of real estate rental. From the actual search for a tenant to the completion of the exit inventory, including the daily management of your property, we provide you with the serenity that every owner deserves.

Adapted plan's

To assist you in the rental and management of your property, LogerChic provides you with three levels of services adapted to your needs. Discover the content of each of our formulas
  • Rental

    This formula is dedicated to you if you want to entrust the tedious tasks of finding and entering a new tenant while retaining the day-to-day management of your property.
  • Rental management

    If you are short on time, you are not on site and you want to delegate all of the day-to-day management of your property to us, opt for the Management Formula which offers a local rental management service with the greatest respect for your tranquility.
  • Rental management Plus

    This formula is for you if, in addition to the peace of mind offered by our Management Formula, you want to protect yourself against the risk of unpaid rents. This pack offers the maximum security that a lessor owner is entitled to expect under a rental management mandate.


1 month's rent charges included VAT

Rental management

10% of a month's rent charges included VAT

Rental management Plus

8% of a month's rent charges included VAT
I'm going for it
Rental Rental management Rental management Plus
Assessment and setting of the right level of rent
Control of the accommodation's compliance with the laws in force
Taking photographic shots
Drafting of the real estate ad
Distribution on our web communication media and mobile application
Visit of the property
Management of incoming contacts
Organization and management of visits
Support for the potential tenant
Support for the potential tenant
Constitution of the file and study of solvency
Collection of essential information on the rental candidate
By whom what how the credit report
Presentation of the application file to the landlord if the applicant is solvent
Drafting of the lease and carrying out the entry and exit inventory
Drafting of the rental contract in compliance with the legal framework
Establishment of a pre-inventory and the entry inventory
Advice and support for the new tenant
Handing over the keys
Establishment of the exit inventory
Daily management of the property
Accounting and administrative management of your property
Call for rents
Rent collection
Regular monitoring of regulations
Transmission of receipts
Annual rent review
Information of sureties in accordance with legal obligations
Payment of your rent after receipt of funds
Relaunching payments to unscrupulous tenants
The calculation for the return of the security deposit to the tenant under the conditions set by law with imputation of the balances of charges and work due..
In the pre-litigation phase: simple reminder letter to the tenant and / or telephone call, then registered letter.
Periodic management report to the owner
Management of deposits, disputes and unpaid rents
Management of deposits on rent, electricity and water
Guarantees of unpaid rents
Summons before all courts for recovery
Do you need a more suitable offer? Call us! We will be able to support you as well as possible.

Why entrust the rental management
of my property LogerChic ?

The real estate investment you have made is the result of long reflection and significant financial efforts. As you know, renting your property out remains more than ever an involving act that requires time, availability, attention and real regulatory and technical knowledge. LogerChic offers you, Owner-Lessor, a full range of personalized services, with clear commitments
The fair rent
In order to allow you to know at what price you can rent your property and thus find a tenant as soon as possible and for a long time, LogerChic has developed the Comparative Market Analysis, a rigorous estimation method based on precise knowledge and permanent local real estate market.
Guaranteed income and security
For you, the LogerChic rental manager is responsible for carrying out an exhaustive analysis of the files of candidate tenants (stability, solvency). It ensures the collection and repayment of rents and protects you from unpaid bills by contributing to their collection. All this is done using modern tools and allows you instant follow-up through our website and mobile application.
Your partner at all times
Whether it is for the drafting of contracts guaranteeing the interests of each of the parties, regular technical and administrative follow-ups, information on each of its rights and commitments, LogerChic is at your disposal, throughout the rental of your property.
Clear and written commitments
Because for LogerChic, commitment is not an empty word, you benefit from "Our Service Commitments". This written contract specifies point by point the services to which you are entitled.
The donor extranet
LogerChic provides its lessors with an online consultation service for their management account. A simple username and password are enough to give them an immediate and clear view of their accounting situation as well as the history of their asset management.
Effective communication tools
Exterior signs affixed to your property, press inserts, displays in the Agency's window, website, mobile application ... LogerChic implements a wide range of communication actions intended to facilitate the promotion and rental of your good.
Regularly monitored quality of service
To measure your satisfaction with the quality of its services and services, and thus identify areas for improvement, LogerChic conducts surveys of its customers on a regular basis.
Solidarity and the power of a national network
Thanks to its system of recommendations and partnership contract created by LogerChic, you benefit from the power and solidarity of a genuine national network comprising more than 2,500 Agencies and Cabinets in Benin. Entrusted to LogerChic, the rental management of your property regardless of its geographical location provided by professionals available 24 hours a day.