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Who are we?

LogerChic: Mission & Vision

LogerChic is a startup specializing in property management in Benin and around the world. Our mission is to provide each of our users with a simple and effective real estate experience so that they can carry out their purchase, sale or rental projects with confidence. Full legal follow-up, personalized support for each owner, and guaranteed rental collection without worrying about problems. With a network of more than 2,500 partner professional real estate agents, LogerChic provides you with a wider choice of advertisements in order to facilitate the search for a property according to the criteria specific to the users of its platform. Our ambition is to offer a personalized experience adapted to the needs of each one so that each life is simpler. With LogerChic, it's real estate differently.

Why should you choose us?

A safe transaction
LogerChic being aware of the rules to be respected on real estate transactions takes care of the administrative procedures as well as the diagnoses to be carried out.
A quick and efficient sale
When it comes to real estate sales, every minute lost is a loss in the value of the property. Indeed, when you do not quickly find a buyer for your property on sale, its price may be negotiated over time. Therefore, using LogerChic is wise to save not only time, but also money. The latter therefore optimizes your chances of quickly selling the property.
Wide dissemination of the sales announcement
LogerChic allows you to have good visibility to quickly sell a property and at a suitable price by widely distributing your ad.


What is LogerChic's audience?
LogerChic is a Beninese real estate website. Several thousand people looking for accommodation consult our ads every month!
What are the general conditions for renting on LogerChic?
In order to be able to rent from LogerChic, you must be of legal age, have full legal capacity to hire.
How can I rent out my apartment using LogerChic?
To offer us your accommodation, simply send us an email with a brief description of your property and photos of each room. After examining your file, if your property meets our criteria, we will arrange an appointment on site.
What to do in the event of damage to the apartment?
The apartments are rented in very good general condition. It is mandatory to contact us in the event of damage / breakage during your stay, in order to be able to set up a solution (from simple replacement, to insurance liability).
What adjustments are needed?
Your accommodation must correspond to our selection criteria and be attractive to our tenants. The apartment that you entrust to us must correspond to our customers in search of luxury goods, any comfort. You can already compare the property you want to entrust us with our listings already online to get an idea. Also thanks to our team of partner craftsmen, we offer you to fit out your property and furnish it to guarantee you a good return on investment with a good value for money and time.
What guarantee is requested from the tenant?
For each reservation, a deposit is requested by LogerChicau the tenant in order to guarantee your security. It will be fully managed by us. The tenant is also offered and asked to take out personal insurance on the rented property. The deposit depends on the property rented, the area and the duration.
How can I get an invoice?
An invoice will be sent to you by email at the end of your stay.
Can I change the booking dates easily?
If you request an extension of your stay, all you have to do is contact us so that we can inform you of the availability of the apartment. In case of cancellation of the reservation, you may be charged. The details of these are indicated in the general conditions of sale.
What are the essentials?
When sending your file to LogerChic (photos of each room and description), you can send us a complete inventory of the furnishings in your property. We are at your disposal to discuss with you during the visit and advise you on the essentials necessary for the equipment and comfort of your tenants.
What are the administrative formalities to be carried out?
As a beneficiary of the LogerChic service, you must be the owner of the building, have the full legal capacity to make a commitment, ensure that everything is working, be up to date with your various subscriptions so as not to be disturbed during the stay of tenants. Also, we can help you to declare your property in town hall.